Weight Loss: February Review

I don’t deny that February did not go to plan. I quite simply could not be bothered. However, someone out there had my back and I walked away with a 0.5lb loss for the month, which most certainly was not deserved.

The month was quite a sociable one for me – I had Valentines Day, a takeaway with my friends and I went to see Chvrches in Glasgow 3 nights on the trot.

Work suddenly became much more tiring as my manager left for her maternity leave and I most certainly hit the ground running. Therefore, trying to think of well balanced, nutritious meals was not high on my priority list.

Towards the latter end of the month I started taking my Vitamin D, Calcium and Folic Acid (which are prescribed) and found that my energy levels shot through the roof. Too much in fact, and I found the seizure triggers beginning to line up and had to intervene quickly!

I would say onwards and upwards through March, but we might just find we focus on the last 2 weeks of the month! The good news is I’m still currently on target for my goal weight for Florida in July!


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